Kicking and Screaming

Jesus dragsIt’s been a long three weeks.  For reasons I can’t elaborate on here, let me just say that I needed to be quiet in the blogosphere and more focused at home.  So, I’m back.  And, perhaps, my absence and “life lessons” can offer some nugget of wisdom for you.  And, just maybe, I’ll be back and writing again more frequently 🙂 .

The little comic that accompanies this post is one I pulled from a friend’s Facebook feed.  My first response when reading it was to laugh.  Then, to cry.  I mean . . . really . . . doesn’t this slap you in the face with the reality of our wonderful Lord and Savior?!  And, after the three weeks I’ve had, I can now look back at that “really long groove” and know that it has been Jesus that has pulled me through.  Can I get an “Amen?”  Yes.  AMEN.

I’m writing an Easter sunrise service sermon and I’m using the text from Matthew 28 where Mary and Mary head to the tomb and encounter the angel, who then informs them that Jesus is alive and waiting in Galilee for them.  I’m struck by this passage, not only for the dramatic sequence of events (earthquake, face like lightning, angels, etc.), but for the significance of Jesus’ location and the words used by the angel, “he’s gone ahead of you.”  So, I guess we could say that Jesus was already there and waiting on his disciples to arrive. Jesus “goes ahead” of us as well – hence the comic.  Jesus knows us.  He knows our fears, our pain, and our joy.  And, in all of it, Jesus is already there holding us, carrying us, and, yes, even “dragging” us if necessary.  That is powerful, isn’t it?

That gives me hope.  And, this Easter, it is really “hope” that we are looking for.  It is hope that we find in that empty tomb.  It’s through the ever-loving presence of Jesus before us, with us, and in our tomorrows, that we find this hope and are filled with it.  Friends, I’ve lived this recently.  I can look back and see the long groove where I was probably dragged kicking and screaming.  Jesus was there – in my struggled and yet also in my tomorrow.

May this Easter bring you hope – hope in the knowledge that Jesus is already there in whatever it is you carry with you.  Even if you are being dragged along by Him, you know that on the other side of it Jesus will be there, too.  Yes, even if you go kicking and screaming . . . he’s already there :).

About revmonica

I'm the Director of Growth Ministries at Williamsons Chapel United Methodist Church and the proud wife of Steve and mommy to Morgan and Gavin.
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  1. Barbara Brittingham says:

    We all need time away with the Lord. When we come back to “normal” life, we are better able to deal with our problems, and those that other people bring us. God Bless you.

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