The Fork in the Road

309158_10151371260034478_806126560_nI’ve encountered several conversations recently regarding God’s will – which path does God want me to take in my life?  That seems to be the million dollar question for many as they wait for their “clue phone” to ring and God to speak clearly on the other end telling them exactly what they need to do.  Anxiety reeks from those who pace back and forth wondering, “Do I do this?  Or do I do that?“.  It’s a never-ending conundrum.  Which road is God wanting me to take?

I’ve faced this fork often in my life.  Sometimes that road was made clear to me early on, and other times it seemed like an eternity before I knew for certain which direction God was urging me.  As Christians we all want to follow God’s will in our lives – trust that God’s will is the right path for us.  The tough part is trying to discern whether the urgency we feel toward one path or another is God urging or our own desires urging us.  I believe that is what causes the anxiety, not necessarily the lack of God speaking . . . it’s more the lack of us listening.  Are we truly listening to God’s direction in our lives?

The old adage “Hind-sight is 20/20” is true, isn’t it?  We wish we could see into the future and know how things will turn out if we choose one thing over the other.  But, as life tends to be, things are not that predictable.  Sometimes we have to have faith that our future will be what it will be, regardless of the choice, and no matter what choice we make . . . God will be with us.  Pastor Jan (my senior pastor) said something very poignant to me the other day.  She suggested that God isn’t orchestrating things around or within us, but rather God is working within whatever choices we make, whatever circumstances we find ourselves.  I like that – even if we do choose the wrong road, God isn’t going to abandon us.  Rather, God will continue to work in that circumstance and, out of love, try to work within us to find the right path again.

Are you facing that fork right now in your life?  Are you trying to determine the path God wants you to follow?  Are you listening?  Have heart, my friend.  Know that once you decide, even if you find it was the wrong choice down the road, God is still with you.  The other road never disappeared – it’s still there.  You simply need to get back on it.  It’s never too late.

About revmonica

I'm the Director of Growth Ministries at Williamsons Chapel United Methodist Church and the proud wife of Steve and mommy to Morgan and Gavin.
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