This week has been a wonderful one as we welcomed 200 kids for our annual VBS program!  Our theme this year is “Pandamania: Where God is Wild About You!” and the kids are having a blast with it (it may have something to do with the recent release of “Kung Fu Panda 2” but I’d like to think it’s because we are just so awesome 🙂 ).  I dove right into VBS this week and felt so tremendously blessed to have folks working along side of me getting all of this stuff done.  What an amazing team I’m surrounded by.  The kids are having a blast and life is good 🙂

On the flip side of this joy comes concern for my church as a budget reduction task force has been put into place to help trim our budget to a more manageble amount.  This will mean reduction in staff, ministries, and more.  Although I’m aware this is a necessity, it doesn’t hurt any less.  Just three short years ago we were moving into this beautiful facility with hope in our hearts and smiles on our faces.  Now, today, we worry about our future and pray that the Lord will help us build and grow with the limited resources we have.  I invite you to join me in prayer for HUMC and, especially for this task force as they begin work on a very tough job.

About revmonica

I'm the Director of Growth Ministries at Williamsons Chapel United Methodist Church and the proud wife of Steve and mommy to Morgan and Gavin.
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