A New Life

I had the honor of officiating a wedding for a former youth group member from years ago at Huntersville UMC.  Stephanie was in high school when I met her and was very active in our youth ministries.  She is now all grown up (and now married)!  What a great gift that was to marry off a great young lady to a really awesome guy.  I felt both old and honored at the same time :).

Participating in that event made me reminisce and think back to my years of ministry and the impact I could/should have made on the people around me.  It’s funny how we go through life thinking only of today, or tomorrow, but not of the long-term impact we could be having.  To really see the seeds you’ve sewn in this life grow and contribute to society in a profound way is incredibly enriching and such a blessing.  I’ve watched kids that were just babies at HUMC back when I arrived now growing and contributing so much to this world.  I certainly don’t think I have myself to thank for that, but along the way I do hope I had some positive impact on their lives and set a good example for them along the way.

I try to live my life in that mode today – I don’t just look at today or tomorrow, but on the impact that could be made five, ten years from now.  I see our church today and imagine the great things it could be doing down the road.  I make plans for ministries not thinking just about the immediate benefit, but what that ministry could look like when I’m retiring one day.  Looking ahead and appreciating what *could* be is so important when you are talking about the Kingdom of God.  We need to always be focused on that future possibility if we are to welcome the Kingdom!  Embrace the future and work toward it!

About revmonica

I'm the Director of Growth Ministries at Williamsons Chapel United Methodist Church and the proud wife of Steve and mommy to Morgan and Gavin.
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